Dental Healthcare When You Don’t Have Insurance

A dentist working on a laptop in a dental office

While dental insurance is ideal for children, adults, and families, finding affordable coverage isn’t always easy. Many medical insurance programs don’t include dental procedures, so families are often forced to swing premiums for medical and dental coverages.

Plenty of individuals simply cannot afford these expenses as dental premiums usually range between $200-$600 annually per person. Some family plans offer bundling options that keep the price around the same range, but keep in mind, families are still usually on the hook for co-pays, deductibles, and costs not covered by the plan.

So, what are individuals and families to do when they don’t have dental insurance and need dental care?

Some dental practices, like Golden Heart Dental, offer patients the opportunity to save money on dental costs by enrolling in the office’s membership program.

Golden Heart Dental has two membership packages available to our patients, one for children under 13 and one for adults (ages 13 and up). These membership packages are designed to make routine dentistry accessible and affordable for residents in and around the Fairbanks area.

Packages cover regular cleanings, examinations, x-rays, oral cancer screenings, an emergency visit, and additional services and discounts each year.

At $299 for children and $399 for adults, the annual membership costs cover routine dental expenses and make it to where our patients can receive care even when they’re not covered by a dental insurance plan.

Take a look at our Membership page to learn more about the services our packages cover as well as the discounts and savings opportunities we offer.

Our staff is always available during business hours so if you have any questions, you want to learn more, or you want to enroll, reach out to our office anytime.

Golden Heart Dental Membership Plan

Golden Heart Dental wants to ensure that everyone in and around the Fairbanks area has access to affordable dental care, even when they don’t have dental insurance. We offer membership packages for patients who do not have insurance: View our Memberships Packages page.

Our enrollment fees cover the cost of routine dental services throughout the year, including bi-annual exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, and discounts on additional dental services that might be needed (like exams and deep cleanings for patients with periodontitis).

Unlike standard dental insurance costs, our memberships are inclusive, meaning that when you pay the membership fee, you receive covered services at no additional cost. No co-pays, and no deductibles.

Take a look at the services covered in our child and adult memberships and reach out to our office if you’d like to learn more.