Our Approach

At Golden Heart Dental, Dr. Shawn Miller DDS and her dedicated staff treat oral health as part of the whole-body care experience. Because the body’s systems are all deeply connected, Golden Heart Dental provides dental and oral health services with this approach in mind. By addressing oral health concerns as a factor in whole-body health, it gives our medical professionals a better understanding of a patient’s background, habits, and healthcare needs.

We treat every patient as a unique individual and encourage patient involvement when it comes to their treatment planning options.

It is our mission to provide outstanding, well-rounded dental services, including full airway evaluations, for children, adults, and families in the Fairbanks, AK area. Our service area also welcomes patients from Ester and North Pole, AK.

Patient-Centric Family Dental Care in One Convenient Office

Golden Heart Dental strives to be able to meet the needs of every patient who visits our Fairbanks office. As such, we provide standard dental procedures such as routine exams and cleanings, preventative care, and emergency dental treatments.

In addition, we are dedicated to our provision of restorative services. With a wide array of treatment options available at our office, we’re confident that we can meet the individual needs of each individual who chooses to trust our care.

Golden Heart Dental Aims To Provide A Welcoming Environment

We provide tooth fillings using safe, composite materials to ensure the utmost safety and wellbeing of our patients. We can extract teeth that pose a risk to the integrity of a patient’s oral health, and on top of ensuring oral functionality, Golden Heart Dental offers plenty of cosmetic dental options.

Patients can utilize dental crowns, bridges, root canals, cosmetic bonding, and even full and partial dentures. We offer each service in one convenient location so that our patients can have all of their dental health needs met by a professional staff they can trust.

Golden Heart Dental aims to provide the safest, most convenient oral healthcare options for patients in the Fairbanks, AK area. Let us assess, meet, and exceed your dental healthcare expectations.

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