Teeth Grinding in Fairbanks, AK

If you grind your teeth often during sleep, you may wake up with headaches and jaw pain, and your teeth may start to loosen and change shape. Teeth grinding can also be a sign, though, that you are suffering from a sleep disorder. What you may have just brushed off as a minor issue, could be the sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which impacts your overall health.

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the biggest causes of teeth grinding. Sleep apnea also often leaves sufferers feeling tired and groggy during the day. You may have trouble concentrating at work or experience moodiness.

A woman grinding her teeth during sleep

A Non-Invasive Treatment Option

In addition to reducing or eliminating teeth grinding, treating sleep apnea can greatly improve your quality of sleep and overall health. Sleep apnea is often caused by narrow arches or an underdeveloped jaw. This can be treated with a non-invasive, non-surgical appliance worn mostly at night.

The Vivos appliance will gradually expand your airway and allow plenty of room to breathe during sleep. The appliance is usually worn for 12 to 24 months and often eliminates the need for a CPAP machine. Dr. Miller will monitor your progress to restore normal breathing throughout the night.

With Vivos treatment, you’ll decrease jaw pain and improve the health of your teeth, while eliminating other side effects of sleep apnea. Treating sleep apnea can also reduce your risk for a great deal of other conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and asthma. Dr. Miller is dedicated to helping you stop teeth grinding and improve your health.

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