A dentist working on a laptop in a dental office

Dental Healthcare When You Don’t Have Insurance

By Golden Heart Dental | November 22, 2022

While dental insurance is ideal for children, adults, and families, finding affordable coverage isn’t always easy. Many medical insurance programs don’t include dental procedures, so families are often forced to swing premiums for medical and dental coverages. Plenty of individuals simply cannot afford these expenses as dental premiums usually range between $200-$600 annually per person.…

A mother teaching her daughter to brush her teeth

How to Encourage Children to Take Care of Their Teeth

By Golden Heart Dental | November 22, 2022

Young children often fail to understand the importance of oral hygiene and as such, it can be difficult to get them to take regular care of their teeth. Plenty of kids don’t like brushing and flossing and because the seriousness of oral health isn’t something they can grasp at a young age, they may neglect…