Emergency Dental Treatment in Fairbanks, AK

Dental emergencies can happen when least expected, and we, at Golden Heart Dental, are here to help.

Our experienced team is fully prepared and equipped to provide urgent dental care you need. We understand that toothaches, abscesses, or infections can be extremely uncomfortable, and will do everything we can to provide relief.

Is it a dental emergency?

Emergency dental care is typically needed to address severe toothaches, mouth trauma, and broken teeth. If unsure whether you are experiencing a dental emergency, ask yourself the following questions: Is there severe pain or bleeding? Is your tooth loose or knocked out? Are there signs of infection including fever or swelling? Are there bumps on your gums? Did you suffer a blow to your face or mouth? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you will need to contact us immediately for prompt emergency dental service.

If you have a dental problem such as a cracked or chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt, or if you’ve lost a filling or a crown, you won’t need emergency care. Contact us, and we will provide you with care instructions until we can see you within a day or two.

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Friendly and professional atmosphere. The dentist is thorough and makes you feel comfortable by answering any questions you may have and not making you feel rushed through the process. I highly recommend them!

Susan B

Professional, easy, and great dental care. My favorite dental care facility.

Seth C.

Why is emergency dental care important?

Immediate dental treatment can potentially save a tooth that may otherwise be lost or require extraction. We treat serious infections, potentially preventing complications down the road, and provide emergency care to provide relief from debilitating pain. Rather than heading to an emergency room that offers limited care, contact us to get the treatments you need. 

What should you expect?

Dental emergencies can cause anxiety so we would like to reassure you that you will receive quality, gentle care. Our primary goals are to save a tooth, address injuries, and to alleviate pain. Your appointment will likely begin by taking x-rays to assess any damage and to determine the best course of treatment. We may administer sedation if needed to ensure you are comfortable. Our emergency dentist will perform any dental treatment or surgery required for the best possible outcomes. 

Quality emergency care in Fairbanks, AK

Keep our phone number handy and immediately contact your trusted team at Golden Heart Dental in the event of a dental emergency. We are committed to delivering the best care available using cutting-edge technology and techniques. You can always count on us! We are located in Fairbanks, AK. We often serve patients coming from the Fairbanks, Ester, and North Pole area of east-central Alaska. Call us today at 907-328-0868 to request an appointment!


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